Wellington Rooms

There ain’t a better way to start a day then exploring a grand ballroom in the centre of Liverpool. The wellington rooms looks like its been forgotten for a number of years with quite a few holes in the floor now. As you can imagine it was a silly o’clock meet up with Katia, Gina, Lowri and Chris. But a big thanks has to be given to Behind Closed Doors and SpiderMonkey for the heads up about this place. The Wellington Rooms Ballroom is very grand, and that was the only room i really bothered taking photos of. But i didn’t like the look of the newer bars, and after seeing other peoples photos of the place I wish I took some now. Which is a shame because I think this was a one off chance to see it unless I’m very lucky again.


History taken from Wikipedia:-

The building was designed by the architect Edmund Aikin. It was built between 1815–1816 as a subscription assembly room for the Wellington Club. It was originally used by high society for dance balls and parties.

Neo-classical in style the building’s façade is Grade II listed, but it is now blackened and the building is derelict, a reflection on the changing wealth and fashions in the city. As the Irish centre it was a popular clubbing venue (1997), renowned for its excellent Guinness, pictures of the Everton and Irish football teams, high ceilings and period decor in the main hall. A petition was organised to prevent the building’s closure, but this was ultimately unsuccessful.


More photos Here