Sly Fox House

This is a great farmhouse me and Katia really want to find and do, and after weeks of research we finally cracked where the place was, it took time but from the pictures of the place i had seen i thought it would be worth it. It was an early morning set off for this place, we got there after the sat nav played a few games on us asking us to drive through the odd river.

But after a trek across a few fields we stumbled on what we had thought to be Sly Fox House, this was it, I couldn’t wait to get inside and see if it was our place. we got in and firstly we hunted down the fox, but to no avail, we couldn’t find him anywhere. I hunted through the attic to see if he had been hidden but no, he had gone. I hear reports that hes still there and also I hear he has gone, but we couldn’t find him and we searched all over. 🙁