Prison H15 france

Well I always wanted to do a prison so when prison H15 in France came up i had to, but never had the chance up until now and I was put off by the stories of this place and how people bump into the not so friendly locals. Was with Katia, Carl and our driver Philberto, I remember waking up in the cheap B&B close by and thinking i hope we dont bump into any of them, i was too tired for that. We found our way in quite easily and had a bit of a walk around the building to find a way into it but it was worth it, it was just how i imagined it to be, with quite a few strange bangs but you soon got used to them.

It had a lot of graffiti inside and a lot smashed up, it looked to me that the place wasnt fit for purpose anymore and thats why it closed. It had 3 wings but a few staircases that led to dead ends, as if they had tried to change parts of the really old building to suit. Also in places it had a few fences that you normally find around an abandoned building inside welded into place to divert the prisoners, you saw this more and more around the site the “It will do for now” fix.

The female Prison next to it was totally different, It had one wing and no graffiti and in very good condition it seemed, as you will see from the photos. hope you enjoy the pictures! 🙂