Chateau de Noisy

This was our (me and Katia) second site of the 3 day Belgium trip, and a site ive wanted to do chateau de noisy for many years. I’m not going to lie that i was nervous visiting this site hearing all the reports about a guy with a shot gun shooting at people! luckily we didn’t meet him!

it started out parking the hire car a fair distance away from the town and walking through the woods in what we thought was the general direction of the site, and it was amazing to see it through the trees after the long walk and numerous amount of times falling over. Didn’t see anybody else at here on the day, maybe they was sensible enough to avoid after hearing about the guy with a shotgun! 😉


history:- Built in 1855 / 1866 by English architect Milner under commission from the Liedekerke-Beaufort family this neo-Gothic castle known initially as Château Miranda but is now known as Château de Noisy. The castle began life as a summer home for the Liedekerke-Beaufort family. in the second world war it was claimed by German troop at the battle of the Bulge. After the war the Belgian National Railway Company rented the building to use as a school and holiday home for the children of the Belgian railway employees until the late 1970′s. In 1975 the Castle served as a set for a television show and there the history gets a little hazy. Apparently there was once a notice stating that the Château closed its doors in 1991 due to the heavy financial burden of the upkeep. Apparently the owner of the property continued to attempt to find a buyer for the Castle with hopes that it could be renovated and converted into a hotel.

In 1995 there was a significant fire at the Castle which according to local news reports was the result of youths attempting to have a party in there. The Count and owner of the property then decided to dismantle a lot of the remaining fixtures and fittings including marble and parquet flooring which made their way into the neighboring farm house and another castle in Italy.

more recently a severe storm caused the collapse of the roof of the stable building and recent years have seen notable additions of vandalism and graffiti.