Brogyntyn Hall

went along on a trip to the middle of know where to find this place, it was a horrible wet day and most of the roads the sadistic sat nav of mine took us down was a river for the day! my feet where horrible and cold from all the water that my shoes soaked up but over all it was a great explore and got to see what we did by absolute pure chance it seems.

history:- Brogyntyn Hall in oswestry has stood abandoned for 15 years. was owned by the Lord Harlech until 2000. Settled in the 1600s the house and its estate once presided over the land as far as the eye can see. The family was one of the great English dynasties and owners of Harlech Castle in North Wales as well.

Unfortunately a string of tragedies including two Lords Harlech dying without wills, leaving massive death duties to be paid, saw the decline of the family fortunes and subsequent sale of brogyntyn Hall. Interestingly it was also used during the war by British Telecom as headquarters for communications for the spy network operating in Europe.