Hello there, my name is David and ive been don’t this exploring malarkey for about 8 years now. I started off by been talked into going to the old whittingham asylum near where I live by my friend Rob and I loved the experience and have done it ever since. My favourite site over the years has to be St. Josephs orphanage, its a great site and I love those operating theatre lights left in there. My favourite places to visit mostly are cinemas, I love the old buildings and what they have to offer, over the years ive got quite confident light painting a big dark room such as a cinema. light painting is taking a long exposure in the dark and lighting what you want in the photo with a powerful torch. Which is something you need as there’s never any windows in a cinema!

I started out with a Sony H1 bridge camera for the first few sites and then quickly upgraded to the Canon eos 400d but after a few years and about 18,000 photos later I got a Canon eos 600d. But now i use a Canon eos 750d with the Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens. i hope you like my site, ive built it with the minimal knowledge I have about computers and the will to get there in the end 🙂


instagram :- scrappynw

flickr:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrappynw/sets